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Teaching Experience

I worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of French at Trinity College Dublin between September 2019 - May 2023.

In my capacity as Teaching Assistant, I single-handedly instructed seminars and tutorials of up to 15 students per group. The material covered subjects from French written language to French literature (early modern to contemporary). My experience is outlined in detail below.



SF (Senior Fresh)


Early Modern Political Thought in France

This module familiarises students with the political and ideological traditions of early modern France, focusing on the Renaissance through the 18th century and exploring the influential works of Montaigne, Pascal, and Voltaire. It consists of a weekly lecture and seminar. By the end of the course, students have the ability to critically analyse historical, political, and cultural texts from the 16th to the 18th century. The module aims to allow students to develop a comprehensive understanding of France's historical, cultural, and political development across these centuries. I assisted students in demonstrating proficiency in organising and articulating ideas through written and oral communication in both English and French, employing structured and reasoned critical arguments. Students also exhibit knowledge of relevant philosophical, political, and historical approaches to the social and political evolution of France during the 16th to the 18th century, while using appropriate methodologies and resources for their work. Work is assessed through a 2,000 word final essay written in French.


SF (Senior Fresh)


Early Modern French Literature

This module begins with an exploration of Du Bellay's Les Antiquitez de Rome (1558), and engages in an exploration of the sonnet form to express various universal themes concerning the human condition and our position in the universe. The module also cover the seventeenth-century "Grand Siècle," known as the Golden Age of French theater, where we analyze Molière's renowned social satire, Le Misanthrope (1666), in the genre of grande comédie. Through this study, themes such as non-conformity, friendship, happiness, and morality are explored. Transitioning from comedy to tragedy, the module examines Corneille's Le Cid (1648), a play centered around enduringly significant topics like honour, duty, heroism, sacrifice, and authority. Analysing these two plays provides valuable insights into the dramatic conventions and moral philosophy of the era.


JF (Junior Fresh)


French Texts

This module's objective is to introduce students to the analysis of texts through a critical exploration of diverse genres, including short fiction, poetry, theatre, and cinema. It consists of one weekly lecture and a small group seminar throughout the academic year. By the end of the course, students will have the ability to comprehend extensive written passages in French, demonstrating a solid understanding of selected works in French literary prose, poetry, drama, and cinema. They will be able to write essays and commentaries in both English and French, showcasing their comprehension of individual works and their capacity to analyze and evaluate them in a well-structured manner. Work is assessed through one essay plan and one essay in French.

For example, I guided students through a close analysis a selection of poems by Baudelaire and Apollinaire and encouraged them to consider the way in which the literary movement of French Symbolism was shaped by historical circumstances. 


JF (Junior Fresh)


French and Francophone Cultures

This module serves as an introduction to various aspects of French and Francophone cultures, as well as significant historical periods that have shaped modern France. Each topic focuses on reading comprehension activities. Upon successful completion of the module, students acquire comprehensive knowledge of essential elements within French and Francophone cultures. I assist students in developing the ability to recall key aspects of French culture, including its recent history, institutions, and political landscape. Students demonstrate proficiency in understanding French through reading, lectures, and discussions. They actively engage in critical analysis and reflection on the topics covered, further enhancing their understanding of French and Francophone cultures. 

I brought articles, book chapters, extracts and other media into the classroom to assist students in developing their understanding of the language in its cultural context.


JF (Junior Fresh)


French Written Language

The primary objectives of this module are to establish a solid foundation in fundamental grammatical concepts and terminology of the French language and to cultivate grammatical precision in both written and spoken expression. Students submit written assignments every two weeks. I provided thorough feedback for each assignment and aimed to assist students in developing a thorough understanding of the rules of French grammar and written expression.

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