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Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

PhD in French, Trinity College Dublin (Department of French, Early Modern French Literature). Dissertation: Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582): A Biography and a Critical Edition. Supervisor: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey. Successfully passed viva voce with minor revisions on 30 June 2023. Research expertise centers upon establishing critical editions of Neo-Latin and Renaissance French texts, along with a biography of a prominent diplomat at the Court of Savoy (1525-1582).


Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

MPhil in Comparative Literature (Honours), Trinity College Dublin. Thesis: Rewriting & Reception: Classical Influences on Marc-Claude de Buttet's Odes (submitted 31 August 2018). Supervisor: Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey. Graduated April 2019.


Reed College (Portland, OR, USA)

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Thesis: A Song of Multitudes: The French Reception of Walt Whitman. Supervisor: Dr Roger Porter. Research focused on theories of intertextuality and reception.

Publications in Preparation

1 / Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582): A Biography and a Critical Edition

This is a monograph (in two volumes) inspired by the doctoral thesis. The first volume comprises the study of the life of Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon, and the second volume comprises the critical editions of a selection of his works.


These works include:


1) Pingon's autobiography, Hic Vita Mea (1567), in French and in Latin


2) An epithalamium on the marriage of the Duchess Marguerite de France to the Duke of Savoy, comprised of four poems in celebration of the key political figures present at the marriage: Marguerite de France, Duke Emmanuel Philibert, King Henri II and Philip II of Spain.


3) Thirteen encomiastic odes in celebration of the birth of Duke Charles-Emmanuel I.

4) An elegy on the death of Marguerite de France.


Publication is envisioned by spring of 2024.

2 / Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582) et son temps

This is a collection of articles inspired by the proceedings of the conference Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582) et son temps, held at the Trinity Long Room Hub, 15-17 September 2022. Publication is envisioned by autumn of 2024.

3 / Article: 'Renaissance Self-Fashioning in Pingon's Hic Vita Mea (1567)'

I am currently working on an article that considers Pingon's autobiography, Hic Vita Mea (1567), through the lens of Stephen Greenblatt's theory of 'Renaissance self-fashioning'.

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